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Corporate IT Management

Strategy, planning and budgeting, Procurement, Operations, talents acquisition.

Business applications development and Integration

Tailored business solutions and integration between heterogeneous systems.

Business Intelligence

Big data, data warehousing, corporate reporting, dashboards, analytics cubes, business support activities.

Web development

Graphic design, architecture, implementation, publishing, monitoring, SEO activities.

IT Infrastructure Management

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure management and processes.

Innovative technologies

Our mission is to help customers to use in their business modern and innovative approach.


Logistics Expert and Trading System

A modern business management system with built-in as a single solution:

  • E-commerce extensions
  • Document management features integrated with transactional data
  • Strong integration features for Excel


Wide range of solutions in one integrated software

Business optimization in sales, procurement and logistic operations for various products and industries

DataPowerLab added value

Discover how we can empower your business

Strong Skills

Today the challenge in IT is to make excellences to work together and find the right skills and strengths to manage the increasing complexity of the projects.

High quality

Best practices on modern tools are our recipe for high quality deliverables.

Advanced analytics

Our approach is to design the systems starting from the KPIs required to improve the business.

Time is the essence

We focus to identify and apply the right strategy to meet the business expectations in terms of cost and time.


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